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Tuomas Holopainen by Avis-MXY
Edge of Steel by GuardianOfShigeru
Enter by Octoberrine
After Forever and ReVamp
Floor Jansen by Mmarciaaaa
Floor Jansen by coveredbyroses
Floor Jansen by MizzMysteriouz
Moonbathers by Sanaedra
Delain Lunar Prelude by RosenRomanticist
Origin by 8PoeraOpetry8
Holographic Imagination #2 - Coen by SeaCat2401
The Holographic Principle by Sanaedra
Simone and Mark by crystalfalls
Holographic Imagination #1 - Simone by SeaCat2401
Death of a Fallen by TheRainGirl
Katra on stage 2 by Maresolo
Katra Solopuro by ritualkiller69
Katra I by LokiAndersdottir
Kamelot - My Therapy Wallpaper by xandra73
Kamelot - Revolution Wallpaper by xandra73
Kamelot - Haven Wallpaper by xandra73
Liar Liar by GuardianOfShigeru
Leaves' Eyes
Liv Kristine by Angelic-yunie
Edge of Steel by GuardianOfShigeru
MFVF2 by philippvince
Liv Kristine and Ailyn at MFVF by crystalfalls
Owl by crystalfalls
Archaean Horizon by Melanienemo
Tuo by AnastasiumArt
Tuomas Holopainen by Avis-MXY
Sonata Arctica
Sonata Arctica by misoli
Sonata Arctica by misoli
Sonata Arctica by misoli
Ready or not,there will be blood! by FabyLP
Tarja Turunen
Tarja by crystalfalls
Tarja at Wacken by HunBlackPrincess
Innocence by jaquesmorgan
Within Temptation
What about us by aleangel3
Other Symphonic Metal
ZIN by Angelic-yunie
Similar Bands
Blood, Tears, Dust by hinterdemlicht
Tarja Turunen by Olzon-1
Stamps and Icons
Matenrou Opera Stamp by Angelic-yunie


If you like this group, here are some others you may also enjoy :D.
Welcome to the symphonic-metal group! We hope you'll enjoy the art here!

This year we should be seeing (or have already got) albums or live DVDs from:

Alissa White-Gluz
Amberian Dawn
Anette Olzon
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Dimmu Borgir
Jaded Star
Seven Kingdoms
Vuur (new project from Anneke Van Giersbergen)
Within Temptation

And maybe more!

R E M I N D E R S / R U L E S

Please make sure you submit to the right folder! Many people are just submitting to the After Forever folder rather than choosing the right category. This just makes a lot of work for the admins.

Also, please note that bands such as Amaranthe, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil should go in the Similar Bands folder. You can find a list of similar bands under Group Info.

For club rules and help with how to submit, click here:…
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Welcome & Rules

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HI! Welcome to symphonic-metal. Feel free to post your symphonic metal-related fanart, photos, and blog about your concert experiences, meeting of any band members etc. :headbang:

:bulletblack: Remember to submit only symphonic metal related or inspired work.

:bulletblack: Similar genres are also acceptable eg. metal, gothic rock, darkwave, alt rock etc. But these should go into the "similar genres" folder. If you're unsure what genre a band is, check wikipedia.

:bulletblack: Submit all work into the proper categories. Failure to do so will result in your image being rejected. If this happens, you may resubmit to the proper category.

:bulletblack: New band categories will be created depending on how much work has been submitted related to said bands.

:bulletblack: Do not submit band photos (promotional or otherwise) that do not belong to you, unless you have edited them in some way and you credit the original source. It should be edited enough that it is strongly distinguishable from the original photo, not just changing the colour or adding writing.

:bulletblack: If you don't have anything to submit and you just want to join to watch, discuss or lurk, that's fine too!

:bulletblack: Be civil, obviously. No flaming/spamming/trolling/tantrums or being a general douche to other members.

:bulletblack:Last but not least, no Nightwish singer arguments.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, send a note or comment!

Similar groups, feel free to affiliate with us :).

Group Info

Welcome to the symphonic-metal club! Here is a list of symphonic metal and similar genre bands compiled by members of the group. Also includes links to some of their songs on youtube. Feel free to suggest any which aren't on the list! (Click the more button to see entire list)

Last Updated 12/07/11

:bulletblack: Symphonic Metal :bulletblack:
[Many of these bands fit into other genres e.g. power, gothic, death. But if they use symphonic elements, they'll be in this list!]

Aina (Oriana's Wrath, Revelations, Naschtok Is Born)
Almah (Beyond Tomorrow)
After Forever (Energize Me, Equally Destructive)
Almora (Sea Angels, 1945, Su Masali)
Altaria (Unchain The Rain)
Amberian Dawn (River Of Tuoni)
Ancient Myth (Astrolabe in Your Heart)
Angra (Temple of Hate)
Aperion (Shine)
Apocalyptica (In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Inquisition Symphony)
Aquaria (Your Majesty Gaia)
Arch of Hell (One Moment)
Artrosis (Hipnoza)
Atargatis (Angels Crying)
Avantasia (Lost In Space)
Ayreon (Isis and Osiris (ft Sharon Den Adel), Loser)
Bare Infinity (Lost Again)
Crimson Wind (Rebirth)
Diablo Swing Orchestra (Balrog Boogie, A Tap Dancer's Dilemma, D'Angelo & Velvet Embracer)
Delain (The Gathering, See Me In Shadow)
DöXa (The Devil In Love)
Edenbridge (Higher), Skyline's End)
Elis (Phoenix From The Ashes)
Elysion (Killing My Dreams)
Epica (Quietus, Kingdom of Heaven, Feint )
Forgotten Tales (Sanctuary)
For My Pain (Dancer In The Dark)
Gwyllion (A Thousand Words)
Haggard (In A full Moon Procession, Tales of Ithiria)
HB (It Is Time)
Heroik (Heart of Battle)
Holyhell (Angel of Darkness)
Imperia (Secret Passion
Instanzia (Ghosts of the Past)
Kamelot (Ghost Opera, March Of Mephisto, The Haunting)
Katra (Beast Within, Sahara, Forgotten Bride)
Krypteria (Victoriam Speramus , Lost
Lanewin (Gate of Lanewin)
Lapiz Lazuli (Serpent)
Leaves' Eyes (Elegy My Destiny)
Leverage (Wolf and the Moon)
Lunatica (Avalon, New Shores)
Lyriel (Regen, Hijo De La Luna)
Nightwish (Nemo, Ghost Love Score, The Islander, Sahara)
Northern Kings (We Don't Need Another Hero, Strangelove, Kiss From A Rose, Broken Wings)
(The) Murder of My Sweet (Valerie, Destiny, Storms Of The Sea )
Rain Fell Within (Burned Away)
Rawkfist (Scared to Breathe)
ReVamp (No Honey For The Damned, Break)
Rhapsody of Fire (Sea Of Fate, A New Saga Begins, Triumph Or Agony)
Tarja (Crimson Deep, My Little Phoenix, Calling Grace, Boy And The Ghost)
Tarot (Ashes To The Stars, Crows Fly Back, Howl)
Theatre Of Tragedy (Machine, As The Shadows Dance, Storm)
Theatres Des Vampires (Carmilla, Anima Noir)
Therion (An Arrows From The Sun, Wine Of Aluqah, Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx, Vanaheim)
To-Mera (Blood, Parfum)
Trail Of Tears (Crashing Down, My Comfort)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Beethoven-Requiem
Tristania (My Lost Lenore, Cure)
Serenity (Velatum, The Chevalier (ft Ailyn) )
Sirenia (The Other Side, The Path To Decay)
Sonata Arctica (Paid In Full, Flag In The Ground, Victoria's Secret)
Stratovarius (Black Diamond, Hunting High And Low, Cold Winter Nights)
Stream Of Passion (Out In The Real World, Embrace The Storm, Nostalgia)
Versailles (Aristocrat's Symphony)
Villieläin (Voittamaton)
Visions Of Atlantis (Seven Seas, Send Me A Light)
Whyzdom (Everlasting Child, Atlantis)
Within Temptation (The Truth Beneath The Rose , Ice Queen, The Howling)
Xandria (India, Sisters Of The Light)


:bulletblack: Extreme Symphonic Metal :bulletblack:
[Warning - not for the faint hearted :P]

Abigail Williams (Into the Ashes)
All-Devouring Light (The Sleeper Beneath The Waves)
Anthelion (Hibernation Glaciation Exuviation)
Arcanorum Astrum (Insight)
Astaroth (Bloodwork)
Autumn Sun (As Time Stands Still)
Bal-Sagoth (Callisto Rising)
Carach Angren (The Sighting is a Portent of Doom)
Chthonic (Progeny of Rmdax Tasing)
Cradle of Filth (Nymphetamine (Ft Liv Kristine), Lord Abortion)
Emperor (The Loss and Curse of Reverence, Thus Spake the Nightspirit)
The Crescents (Last Judgement Day)
Dark Mirror ov Tragedy (Perfume of Death)
Dimmu Borgir (Progenies of the Great Apocalypse, Gateways)
Euphorion (Starnight Rider)
Fleshgod Apocalypse (The Violation)
Juno Bloodlust (Total Eclipse, Sinister Prophet)
Kadenzza (Ghost in the Shell)
Moonspell (Night Eternal)
Old Man's Child (Black Seeds on Virgin Soil)
... Of Celestial (In Your Eyes)
Obsidieth (Embrace the Cold)
Quintessence Mystica (When Sacred Flame Inspires the Souls of Heroes)
Sothis (De Oppresso Liber)
Torsense (Погружение во тьму)


:bulletblack: Similar Bands :bulletblack:
[Some bands you might be interested in if you're a fan of Symphonic Metal.]

(The) 3rd And Mortal
Angelzoom (Fairyland)
Annwn (Palästinalied)
Autumn Tears
Charon (In Trust Of No One)
Dead Can Dance
Emilie Autumn (Gothic Lolita, Opheliac, Let The Record Show, Marry Me)
Evanescence (Lithium, Lacrymosa)
Falconer (Skula Skorpa Skalk , Vargaskall )
Gates of Winter (From the Flesh)
Helium Vola (Printemps, Omnis Mundi Creatura, Selig)
Indica (Sanoja)
Katatonia (Evidence, Chrome, Teargas)
Lacuna Coil (Heaven's A Lie, Cold Heritage, Falling Again)
Liv Kristine (Fake A Smile, Trapped In Your Labyrinth)
Opeth (Porcelain Heart, Blackwater Park, Patterns In The Ivy)
Paramore (Decode, Ignorance)
Persephone (Atma, Mean, Blue)
Qntal (Palästinalied, Winter, All For One)
Rasputina (Rats, Gingerbread Coffin, My Orphanage, How We Quit The Forest)
Sarah Brightman (Fleur Du Mal, Eden, Harem, Chromaggia)
Unsun (Whispers)
Yngwie Malmsteen
Founded 8 Years ago
Mar 24, 2009


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